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Ag Bills and Securing Our Future

Inflation, high fuel prices, and more have had a profound impact on our families. By investing in the agricultural industry, the US government can help secure a sustainable future for farming and ranching.

How 1031 Exchanges Work For Ranches and Farms

A 1031 exchange is a powerful tool that allows investors to defer capital gains taxes while reinvesting in similar properties, providing a unique advantage in the real estate market.

Fighting Fire with Land Management

Changes in climate is increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires all over the world, highlighting what many believe to be a major flaw in the philosophy governing the management of public land.

Guide to Ranch-Themed Sports and Recreational Activities

Ranch life is more than work...From riding and roping to cattle drives and rodeos, this guide covers all the exciting ways to enjoy the western way of life! 

Owning Land in California: The Pros & The Cons

There are priceless rewards that come with owning land in California as well as arguments against it. Read our assessment of the positive and negative.

Understanding the Current State of the Beef and Cattle Industry

From bone-dry drought to ravenous fires to 100-year flooding, California’s ranchers have seen it all in the last few years. Read on to learn how you can help!

California Water Rights Series: Episode 4

Water is the lifeblood of our very existence and there are many threats to this vital resource. In this episode we discuss the connection between SGMA and the Ag Preserve.

California Water Rights Series: Episode 3

It is estimated that California’s population will grow 132% in the next 8 years. Where will we get the water—and food—for all these people?

California Water Rights Series: Episode 2

Recent reports show that SGMA, is disproportionately affecting regions that rely on groundwater and wreaking havoc on farmers, ranchers, and communities.

California Water Rights Series: Episode 1

How much (or little) water we have shapes our economy, culture, and the nation at large, making it an increasingly important issue with overarching effects.

California Drought Series: Episode 3

While we enjoy the fruits of plentiful, crop-growing sun and soil, we suffer through water shortages and live with the ever-present threat of wildfire–a most pervasive foe. 

California Drought Series: Episode 2

Home to over 43 million acres of ag land, California is our nation’s largest producer of agricultural products so when drought hits, the consequences extend far beyond California’s borders.

California Drought Series: Episode 1

Recent studies show that 99% of California is currently experiencing moderate drought-a problem with grave consequences. Read more about who's impacted and how you can help.

California Water: A Rancher's Perspective

Much has happened since we last wrote on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and debates continue about SGMA and impact on food supply. Here’s a rancher’s perspective.

California Living: Achieving the Western Lifestyle

The western way of life is a powerful and peaceful experience, especially in the Golden State. Read our top tips for how to achieve the western lifestyle.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Celeste Settrini & Bull Sale Bulletin

Celeste Settrini is a fourth-generation cattle rancher whose family emigrated from Italy and Switzerland. She runs her family ranch in the Salinas Valley. Read her story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Mighty Cap Mushrooms

Chris and his wife Summer moved from Laguna Beach in 2009. Now they are entrepreneurs growing mushrooms and serving the Central Coast. Read their story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: SLO County Farm Supply Company

Farm Supply is a unique, farmer-owned co-op serving farm, home and ranch needs and supporting the community for over 70 years. Read their story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Talley Farms

Talley Farms grows around 40 different kinds of produce and uses it's Box Program to dispense its own (and others) fresh fruits and vegetables. Read the Talley Family story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Pelletiere Estate Vineyard & Winery

Run by an all-female team lead by Janis Pelletiere, Pelletiere Estate Vineyard & Winery specializes Italian-style wines. Read Janis's story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: North County Farmers Market

Farmer's Markets are a popular place for locals to buy straight from the farmers who grew it, picked it, or made it. Read a Farmer's Market's story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: California Rangeland Trust

CRT has partnered with more than 85 ranching families to conserve more than 365,000 acres throughout the Golden State. Read their story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Full Cup Solutions

Amanda Wittstrom Higgins, founder of Full Cup Solutions, is a daughter, wife, mom, rancher, agriculturist, philanthropist and wine industry visionary. Read her story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: SLO County Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau leader Brent Burchett's deep ranching roots help him serve as an advocate for SLO County farmers, ranchers, and agriculture businesses. Read his story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Coach Kiah

Beginning with deep roots on her family's cattle ranch and rising to motivational speaker with appearances on GMA, Coach Kiah is “on a mission to empower others...” Read her story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: The Groves on 41

Mother-daughter duo Karen and Jennifer Tallent share their love for olive oil at their farm and event space, The Groves on 41 where they relish the opportunity to work in the soil. Read their story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Nutrien Ag Solutions

These three Nutrien Ag Solutions team members love sharing their knowledge of pests, fertilizers, & more with local farmers. Read their stories here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Giving Tree Family Farm

These "city folk" turned a dream into the successful Giving Tree Family Farm and now share their passion with others. Read their story here.

2022 Ag Spotlight: Rancho Burro Donkey Sanctuary

Central Coast couple expands their nonprofit to provide care to abused and neglected donkeys, a small sliver of the world's 44 million! Read their story here.

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