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Ag Spotlight: Celeste Settrini & Bull Sale Bulletin

Ag Spotlight: Celeste Settrini & Bull Sale Bulletin

Meet Celeste Settrini of Settrini Ranch and Bull Sale Bulletin

Celeste Settrini is a fourth-generation cattle rancher whose family emigrated from Italy and Switzerland and settled in the foothills of Monterey County’s Salinas Valley over 100 years ago. She runs Settrini Ranch, a red Angus cow/calf operation, with her mother and brother in the same location as her great grandparents. 

She also publishes a blog, The Bull Sale Bulletin, and does promotions and marketing for seedstock operators, Turlock Livestock Auction Yard and The Western Stockman’s Market, connecting buyers with sellers and securing cattle for sales. 

Celeste said feels blessed to be living the ranch life. She can be found doing everything from branding and weaning calves to fixing fences or Zooming with promotion clients to traveling to bull sales throughout California. 

"I pride myself on being able to talk to literally anyone. I am a passionate voice for agriculture and the beef industry," she said.

Celeste is happy to answer people’s questions, even the more complex ones.

"I am very transparent when folks ask questions," she said, recalling a conversation she had with a woman at the meat counter of her local grocery store.

"She looked over at me and said, 'I know beef is not good for me, but I just love it.' I looked at her, surprised, and said, 'Buy the beef—enjoy it.'"

Celeste told the woman that she was a rancher and shared information about the benefits of eating beef in your daily diet, as well as photos of her ranch. 

"We had a great conversation about ranchers, consumer questions, myth busting and more," she said. "The lady grabbed burgers and beef ribs and was grinning from ear to ear with her selection. Sometimes folks need permission to buy the burgers! As a cattle rancher I feel it is my job to not only share my ranching story, but the story of hundreds of other ranchers who work hard 24/7/365 to raise a product for our consumers."

Celeste Settrini finds the ranching lifestyle incredibly rewarding. Her greatest joy is being part of the ag family.

"No matter who you are or where you are from when you find fellow 'aggies' there is always a special connection. I have been so blessed to travel all over the USA through my work with agriculture advocacy and cattle sales."

Of course, it can also have its challenges. Celeste believes the ag community needs to come together to create a better future for everyone.

"Many times in agriculture we bash each other’s way of production. ... If we all supported each other’s practices and promoted agriculture, instead of individual sectors, we might make further strides in telling our story with consumers."

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