Headquartered in Paso Robles, California
2022 Ag Spotlight: Mighty Cap Mushrooms

2022 Ag Spotlight: Mighty Cap Mushrooms

Meet Chris & SUMMER Batlle of Might Cap Mushrooms 

  • Blue, yellow, & black pearl oyster
  • Shiitake
  • King trumpet
  • Italian brown oyster
  • Maitake 
  • Chestnut

Those are the varieties of gourmet mushrooms grown by Mighty Cap Mushrooms in Paso Robles! 

Owned and operated by Chris Batlle and his wife, Summer, Mighty Cap Mushrooms is mostly wholesale business, selling to restaurants and retail stores in SLO County.

"We started our business at home as a way to produce the highest-quality, gourmet mushrooms," Chris said. "Having a huge culinary and food distribution background, it only seemed fit to find our niche in the mushroom market."

A lot goes into getting those tasty fungi to local restaurants and stores.

"Our grow rooms produce about 600-800 pounds of mushrooms a week. We use only 1.4 liters of water to grow one pound of mushrooms on average, and it takes roughly 25-30 days to produce a pound of product," owner and founder Chris Batlle said. 

The eco-friendly operation doesn't use any pesticides or harmful chemicals to grow and they are currently undergoing the organic certification process.

Chris and Summer’s passion is providing top-notch products and customer service. They both are entrepreneurs with Mighty Cap Mushrooms and Summer's custom trucker hat company, PasoRoblesMom.com.They love being part of the Central Coast ag industry and community at large.

"The support we have from the ag industry is awesome. It’s not easy, what we do, and to have like minded people helps," Chris said.

They are also the proud parents of Stella, 10, and Sebastian, 12, who both attend St. Rose Catholic School. "We are extremely thankful for what this area has become as we moved here in 2009 from Laguna Beach," Chris said.

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