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2023 Clark Company Gift Guide

2023 Clark Company Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2023 Clark Company Gift Guide!

This year we researched the top gift ideas of the year and selected our 11 favorite items, plus 3 bonus ideas which include two for the kids!


First up is four items we think would be suitable for anyone on your list!

Small leather wallets are among the top gift ideas this year, and true to our  western-style preference, we suggest you opt for a tooled version. Click here to see Amazon's offerings.

For the person on your list who often needs help locating things (like our favorite Clark Company secretary does), we think the Apple AirTag would be a great gift! And starting at prices under $30, they are budget friendly!

Another thing our secretary does is drink lots and lots of water. That's why the next suggestion we have for you is the Stanley Quencher H2.0! You can get a great looking water bottle just about anywhere, but if you want one that's sure to check all the boxes, we recommend sticking with the Stanley brand.

Our last suggestion for most anyone is a french press coffee maker. Though it is a bit more labor intensive, most coffee enthusiasts say it delivers the the best tasting cup of joe. There is a wide variety of products on the market. Check out this article to find the best one for your needs!


Looking for a great gift for one of the guys on your list? We've got some cool ideas for you!

1) Portable bluetooth speaker: There's lost of option out there. We found this article and this article helpful for narrowing down the options.

2) Carhartt Jacket: You can find these on amazon, at Tractor Supply, and on Carhartt.com.

PRO TIP: If the man you're shopping for is a welder, get one that closes with a (covered) zipper NOT snaps!

3) Mystery Tackle Box: Give a gift that your guy can receive all year long! Prices range from $25/month to $60/month, but right now, prices are much lower. Sign your fisherman up today!


Next up, a few items for the ladies on your list:

1) Rechargeable Hand Warmers: This gift is a brilliant idea and will be loved by that one who is always cold.

2) Charcuterie Cheese Board: These boards are all the rage, but not always easy to put together in a picture-perfect way. Enter this board...with dishes and tools you can't go wrong!

3) Hambly Farms Lavender Gifts: Most of us know the scent of lavender is calming and soothing, but did you know it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties? Check out the offerings at Hambly Farms!

4) Fab Fit Fun box: Delivering seasonal boxes every quarter, the Fab Fit Fun box contains fabulous finds in beauty, fashion, fitness and more. Each season, the recipient selects 5-6 items from the offerings to be included in their box. Most items in the box range from $30-80, so you're getting over $200 in value for $60/box (less if you opt for the annual subcription). This is another item our secretary uses and she highly recommends it!


During our search for items to put on our gift guide, we came across a few items that are pretty cool and might just be perfect for someone on your list.

First, a smart bird feeder. This bird feeder is equipped with a motion-detection-activated camera that will capture cool videos of your find feathered friends who stop by for a treat!

Next, two items sure to be hits with the kiddos on your list. Suitable for boy or girl, we like these light-saber chopsticks--which might inspire vegetable consumption (especially if it's in a plate of brococoli beef)--and this galaxy ball that includes tricks, flight modes and boomerang effects. As with anything purchased for a child, be sure to read the disclaimer ensuring that the item is safe and suitable for the child's age.

We hope this guide inspires great gift giving this year!

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