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Reese River Valley Ranch

Reese River Valley Ranch

$5,500,000 SOLD
Austin, Nevada
2,462± acres

Offering expansive grazing land brimming with water, the beautiful Reese River Valley Ranch encompasses 2,462± fee acres and 100,000± BLM and Forest Service acres of level, rolling, and mountainous countryside. Comprised of 3 non-contiguous ranch properties, the Reese River Valley Ranch is rated at approximately 650 cows from March to November. Permitted water is supplied via numerous creeks, Reese River, domestic wells and 3 ag wells allowing ample water to support 260± irrigated acres growing alfalfa and 880± flood irrigated meadowland. 

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Encompassing 2,462± deeded acres, Reese River Valley Ranch is comprised of three non-contiguous ranch properties known as Headquarters (835± acres), Schmaling Ranch (547± acres), and Tierney Creek (1080± acres). 


Covering 835± acres, the Headquarters is the middle sized of the three parcels. It is comprised of 140± acres irrigated cropland, 250±acres flood irrigated meadows, 60± cleared, but un-irrigable, acres, 90± acres non-irrigated acres meadowland, 280± acres brush/riparian, and 15± acres dedicated to shop, yard and residences.

The Headquarters is improved with a rustic brick home built in 1904, two modular homes, shop, out buildings, corrals, one domestic well and one ag well complemented by underground supply pipeline and 8-9 wheel lines.


Encompassing 1080± acres, the Tierney Creek ranch property is the largest of the three and possesses 680± brush/riparian, 380± flood irrigated meadow, and 20± acres dedicated to headquarters, corrals, and yard. Tierney Creek is improved with a modular home (occupied by previous owner under a life estate), outbuildings, a new set of working pipe corrals, an ag well, one domestic well and spring.


Positioned in central Nevada, and nestled amongst the Yomba Shoshone Indian Reservation, Reese River Valley Ranch is located in Nye County outside of Austin, approximately 120 miles southeast of Fallon. A true outdoorsmen’s paradise, Reese River Valley Ranch is situated in the narrow Reese River Valley which stretches 8 miles across at its widest point and sits at an elevation of 6,400 feet.

The Toiyabe National Forest mountain ranges extend 9,000 feet on the western side of the valley and 12,000 feet on the east. During the winter months of wet years, this area experiences copious snowfall and subsequently sees a number of creeks that merge together and form Reese River, running through the 24 mile long valley from south to north.

There is a small, public airport in Austin with a single landing strip. Domestic flights are available at Elko Regional Airport, approximately 150 miles northeast. Roughly 175 miles northwest is Reno-Tahoe International Airport, offering international, as well as domestic, flights.

Acreage & Zoning

Encompassing 2,462± deeded acres, Reese River Valley Ranch is comprised of three non-contiguous ranch properties known as Headquarters (835± acres), Schmaling Ranch (547± acres), and Tierney Creek (1080± acres).

Reese River Valley Ranch also holds grazing rights via contract with the BLM and Forest Service that combined allow for 650 cows to be grazed from March to November. This equates to a grazing area that is estimated to exceed 100,000± acres.






















Reese River Valley Ranch currently runs 425 breeding cows, 120 replacement heifers and 21 bulls and produces 720 tons of winter feed. Between March and September, the herd is turned out to the BLM and Forest Service lands. Typically, in November or December of each year, the calves that were born in February are sold.

Reese River Valley Ranch presents a genuine turn-key operation, offering the potential capability of sustaining a herd twice the current size by including the plans (currently in place), materials and supplies necessary to expand the irrigation to provide feed during the winter months for an increased breeding herd. Also included are all of the equipment, irrigation pipe/supplies, and cattle on hand.

On the Schmaling Ranch property, 60± acres have been cleared and, in Summer 2015, new pipe and wheel lines are scheduled to be installed for planting the following year. The recently enlarged cropland on the Headquarters property is now under wheel line and will be planted with triticale in June 2015.

On the Tierney Creek ranch property, the new well, powered with a generator, is scheduled to be upgraded to electricity. This development will allow for installation of pipeline in Spring 2015 to irrigate the meadows. Plans are ongoing for pivot installation in Spring 2016.

It should be noted that the quantity of feed produced is directly related to the amount of creek water available which is dependent upon the amount of snowfall.


Reese River Valley Ranch enjoys unrestricted access to abundant water. Due to its position at the head of Upper Reese River Valley, the Ranch experiences first rights to the water offered by Reese River. Furthermore, amongst the other ranches in the basin, Reese River Valley Ranch is the only property pumping water.

In addition to two domestic wells and spring, each of the three ranch properties that comprise Reese River Valley Ranch possess a large ag well along with water rights and diversion rights from the following sources: Stewart Creek, Bonita Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Tierney Creek, San Juan Creek and Reese River.

Water to the Schmaling Ranch cropland is available via permitted water rights from Reese River, Stewart Creek and a 500± foot deep ag well, with 20hp submersible pump, producing 800± gpm. Stewart Creek provides water to the irrigated meadow as well as a pipeline that delivers surface water to a 50hp booster pump that augments the well. The cropland is also equipped with a Zimmatic circle pivot sprinkler.

Headquarters water is obtained through permitted water rights from Bonita Creek, Reese River and a 500± foot ag well. The 140± acres of alfalfa are irrigated with 8 new wheel lines. The domestic well supplies water to the residences.

Moreover, at the Headquarters water is supplied to cattle on the BLM land via numerous spring boxes and over 12 combined miles of pipeline. One spring box in Becker Canyon (all spring boxes are located on a portion of the leased Forest Service land) waters the lower BLM land with over seven miles of pipeline. Another spring box in Bonita Creek delivers water with three miles of pipeline, and yet another spring box in Barrett Canyon is connected to two miles of pipeline.

The Tierney Creek ranch property is watered by means of an ag well equipped with a new 60hp irrigation pump and permitted water rights to Tierney Creek, San Juan Creek and Cottonwood Creek. The modular home’s water is supplied by the spring. There is also a 140’ deep domestic well at the corrals. This well is equipped with a 3/4hp pump and provides water to the corrals and BLM feeding via a two mile long pipeline. 

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